Ring Collections

Buying a ring can be a real daunting experience. At USA Jewels we make it easy for you.
We offer some of the most beautiful designs of engagement rings, wedding bands and so much more.
Check out our stackable ring collections. A girls dream for sure.

Engagement Rings

At USA Jewels we believe an engagement ring is whatever combination of beauty creativity and elegance you crave and we make it our priority to deliver it to you.

Diamond Bands

"One of our speciality sections, we cater to any kind of celebration whether it be on anniversary or simply because you want a new one. Choose from a rich selection of different styles and designs. "

Eternity Bands

Eternal love represented in its most stunning form. In this classical piece the gemstones never end as it/s love never does either.

Solitaire Rings

The bread and butter jewelry design. A complete stone of your choice with setting of your desire.

3 Stone Rings

"An anniversary special ring, the three stone ring completes the story of your past present and future. "

Men's Rings

"Jewelry does not cater to only one gender. At USA Jewels we are proud to have created wide line of mens rings, earrings, necklaces and so much more. "

Journey Rings

Embark on your journey in the most aesthic way possible. The graduated diamond look will embody the road from start to finish.

Halo Rings

"Bring home the hottest design in your jewelry with your custom settings of metal, stone and added design. "

Promise Rings

The first step in ensuring the future of the most beautiful relationship between man and woman.

Stackable Rings

The Cartier inspired look. A trio of three bands places together to create a synthesis of perfection.

Ruby Rings

The king of all stones presented to you by USA Jewels through the form of a ring.

Emerald Rings

"Precious and desirable, select from a large choice of vivid green emerald rings. "

Sapphire Rings

The most radiant blue in all of jewelry displayed in the form of a ring.

Tanzanite Rings

"An increasily rare stone from only one mine in the world, these violet and blue beauties deserve a finger worthy of its glamour. "

Amethyst Rings

February/s birthstone and the most gorgeous purple you will ever see.

Pink Sapphire Rings

A pink twist to the precious sapphire giving it a little extra edge and style.

Sterling Silver Rings

Basic every day bands worn for all occasions and all age groups.

Gold Rings

USA Jewels understands that maybe diamonds arent always every girl/s best friend so we decided to give gold the same love and provide exceptional gold ring designs.