USA Jewels Diamonds Guide

We have categorized our diamonds into six different categories.
Here is quick guide which should assist you in choosing the best quality for you.

Collectors Diamond Quality - (Our Best VS (VS1 or VS2 Clarity, [F,G] Color)

Our "Collectors Diamond Quality" is truly our best. VS (VS1 or VS2) clarity and F,G color gives these diamonds "colorless" color and "near flawless" clarity. Choose this quality if you're looking for the signature quality and color. We highly recommend this choice for those who do not find price to be an issue.

Premier Diamond Quality - (VS (VS1 or VS2 Clarity, [G,H] Color)

In 2006 we added our "Premier Diamond Quality" to our diamond quality offering. We thought it was important for shoppers to have this quality to price compare diamonds between USA Jewels and its competitors. This quality offers a bit more clarity then our prestige diamond quality and little more color than our Collectors Diamond Quality without adding the extra cost.

Prestige Diamond Quality - (SI (SI1 or SI2) Clarity, [G,H] Color)

When choosing diamonds from our "Prestige Diamond Quality" you will be choosing diamonds which have SI (SI1 or SI2) clarity and G,H, color. This combination will give your diamond jewelry clean, live white diamonds at an affordable price. For those looking for near perfection these sure come close.

Fine Diamond Quality - (SI (SI1 or SI2) Clarity, [I,J] Color)

For those looking for a lower price point than our "Prestige" quality and are willing to have a little less white color in their diamond, "Fine" quality may be the preferred choice. These diamonds have SI (SI1 or SI2) clarity and I,J color. We consider this quality to be the "Best Bang for the Buck". They are gorgeous stones which have plenty of fire and depth. They make any piece of diamond jewelry, one to own.

Popular Diamond Quality - (I1 Clarity, [H,I] Color)

When shopping for diamond jewelry on a fixed budget or looking for a larger sized Carat Total Weight in their diamond, we suggest choosing our "Popular Diamond Quality". You get a little less clarity in the stone but a very nice color. This quality is for people who want to get very nice diamonds at a great price.

Regular Diamond Quality - (I2 Clarity, [I,J] Color)

Our Regular Diamond Quality is very comparable to the "Fine Jewelry" department found in most retail department stores. If you do not find the price point you are looking for from the above diamond qualities, chances are you will find it here.