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About Platinum

USA Jewels only uses the finest quality platinum when manufacturing jewelry. Platinum is one of the rare precious metals used to make fine jewelry and is usually more expensive than gold. Due to is natural white glimmering patina, it is a popular desire for diamond jewelry. Platinum naturally enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

Platinum in Jewelry

There are several characteristics in platinum that make it highly desirable in jewelry despite its premium price. It is an extremely rare, dense and especially strong metal with a natural beauty that leaves most speechless. Platinum in jewelry is usually in its purest form. The best thing about the metal is that it's not blended with other metals to lower its purity. Its durability is never in question as it is a very heavy metal and it will never tarnish over time. Its weight and strength also make it extremely durable. At USA Jewels we highly recommend Platinum prongs for all diamond merchandise.

Platinum Jewelry - Care

As with most jewelry Platinum may get scratched over time, and develop a finished appearance that is unique to Platinum. Although there are some people who prefer this look there are those that do not. If you do not you can take your Platinum jewelry to a jeweler to bring back its original polish. Platinum jewelry can be cleaned with a mild solution of soap and water, and rubbing it with a soft cloth.

Platinum Purity and Markings

At USA Jewels, all of our Platinum jewelry is produced from the highest grade platinum, or 95% pure Platinum. The remaining 5% Platinum is either Iridium, Palladium, Ruthenium or other alloys.

Platinum Markings - The Platinum standard is based on parts per thousand, where 100% equals 1000 parts. The two most common alloys of Platinum found in the United States are 95% Platinum, and 90% Platinum.

Types of Platinum

95% Platinum

This alloy is 950 per 1000 parts of platinum, and 50 parts other metal. This is commonly stamped as "Platinum", "Plat", "Pt", "Pt950", "950Pt", "90Plat"

90% Platinum

This alloy if 900 parts per 1000 parts of Platinum and 100 parts of other metal. His is commonly stamped as "900Pt", "Pt900", or "900Plat".