USA Jewels
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The USA Jewels Advantage

We take care of all your jewelry needs. From Diamonds to Gold Ankle Bracelets to a beautiful Tennis Bracelet. USA Jewels does it right. Check out why we are a cut above the rest.


Unlike any online retailer, we highly recommend shopping around and comparing prices for you as the consumer to find a deal that meets your budget and that you love. We think that our prices are very competitive and offer you great value for your money. We make the job easier for our customers as we offer five diamond qualities in most of our jewelry so you make adequately compare our diamonds to others. We're confident that once you've done your research, you won't find a better price anywhere for the quality desired.

Customer Service

Commit to serve" is our number one motto here at USA Jewels and it's certainly what we strive to accomplish every single day. We highly recommend for any purchase whether it be big or small, if you may have the slightest concern please do not hesitate to contact us through the multiple channels we have offered to you. We believe the lifetime value of a customer and their ability to spread word of their thoroughly satisfying experience, is the most effective way towards a successful and healthy company.

Be Your Own Jeweler

Many jewelers offer their customers a limited choice when it comes to gem quality or carat size. USA Jewels offers six different diamond qualities and 2 different gem qualities in many of the items it sells.

Diamond and Gem Importers

Unlike many of our competitors, USA Jewels , imports its own diamonds and gemstones. Even more impressive is that we manufacturer our own jewelry. You will never see an item marked as "out of stock" since we have direct control over our manufacturing process. Because of this jewelry customizations are endless. Our website is a playground waiting to be enjoyed by customers such as yourself.

Stress Free Shopping

Go at your own pace to make your purchase. Talk to our jewelers, talk to our diamond specialists. Shop around and compare prices. The choice is yours to take your own time. Once you do, your purchase is just a click away and can be shipped overnight once your order is complete.

Satisfaction Guranteed

At USA Jewels your satisfaction is our number one priority. Your order is kept confidential and secure whether by phone or online. Take a full thirty days to consider your purchase. You may return your purchase for a full refund minus the shipping charges for any reason within the thirty day period. We guarantee your satisfaction.