Choosing a Diamond (3)

Here are some of the most common questions about diamonds.

How do I know what diamond quality to choose?

The better the diamond quality the more it costs. It's as simple as that. You can't go wrong with any of our diamond qualities. But if you're looking for the best clarity and color, select our "Collectors Diamond Quality". If diamond color is not a priority for you and you still want to maintain excellent clarity choose our "Fine Diamond quality". It has the same clarity as our "Prestige Diamond Quality" but its color is a little more visible. If you're on a tight budget, make a purchase from our "Popular" or "Regular" diamond quality. When shopping on a budget we recommend selecting a smaller diamond size and choosing a higher diamond quality for a better value. For example, instead of choosing a 1/2 ct. T.W Fine quality, buy a 3/8 ct T.W Prestige instead. This trick can especially save you some money when looking for the more popular diamond total weight sizes. In any regard, you can always upgrade your diamonds at a later time. That's one advantage of making a purchase at USAJewels. Below are our different qualities explained further in detail.

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Why is diamond clarity so important?

Diamond clarity is important in choosing a diamond because without good clarity the diamond jewelry tends to look like salt. The diamond may have good color but without good clarity the diamond just looks dead. You want the diamond to be full of life from the crown to the tip.

Why is diamond color so important?

Color can be seen from a great distance in a piece of diamond jewelry. This is especially true when the setting is either white gold or platinum. While choosing a whiter metal we highly recommend choosing a better color if it fits your budget. A better color in a diamond means the stone is more on the white side than the yellow. If your budget doesn't permit this than we recommend going with the yellow gold setting as the metal will mask the color of the diamond. Either way there isn't monumental difference unless you go from D color to F color. Our "Prestige" and our "Popular" qualities have the same grade of color while our "Fine" and "Regular" quality also share the same color. The difference lies in the clarity.

Shipping and Handling (5)

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

Can I ship a purchase to an address other than the credit card billing address?

Yes, you can. In this case however, we will contact you to confirm your order and make sure you have authorized the purchase. In the case where we cannot contact you, we will ask your credit card company to contact you to receive proper authorization of the purchase.

When will my order ship?

On the product page of each item, you can find the time it takes for USA Jewels to process your order. Most purchases ship within two to three days after you place an order. During this time, USA Jewels is verifying proper authorization of the purchase as well as preparing an appraisal report, in your name, for the item purchased. On the day of shipping, USA Jewels will email you with tracking number of the shipment so you can track your order for yourself.

What are the telephone numbers of Fed Ex tracking and U.S Priority mail?

The current telephone number of Fed Ex tracking is 1 800 463-3339. The current telephone number of the U.S Priority mail tracking system is 1 800 222-1811

What do I do if I have not received my purchase in a timely manner?

All of our orders are tracked by a customer representative. If you have not received an email with the postal tracking number and you are concerned that you will not receive your purchase on time, please send an email to contact@usajewels and a USAJewels representative will contact you with the status of your order.

I want to send a gift, what options do you have available?

Most of our jewelry orders have been gifts to loved ones so we do everything in our power to make sure he or she is completely satisfied with their product when received. We offer complementary gift packaging and gift receipts with all our purchases. Engraving is also another option available for all gifts. Please place special instructions on your order checkout page if desired.

USA Jewels Appraisal Report (2)

All you need to know about our Appraisal Reports.

How do I know what the report says is really what I bought?

This question we answer every day. USA Jewels has over twenty-five years of diamond experience and has been manufacturing diamond jewelry for over fifteen years.

Our best answer to this question is for our customers to see for themselves. Take your purchase to a retail jewelry store and compare your purchase to a similar piece of jewelry in the store. You will find that you paid much less than the price the retail jewelry store can offer you. Several of our customers have said that they have taken their purchases to jewelers and they have told our customers that they could not sell the same item at the price they paid at USA Jewels. This is really not surprising to us since we actually sell the same item here at USA Jewels to those jewelry stores.

For diamond purchases of one carat T.W or more we suggest paying the extra money for a GIA, IGI or EGL certification report. It is an excellent way to verify the value of the stone you are purchasing and knowing exactly all the specifics of your diamond. You should invest in this report especially if your purchase is an investment or if you plan on selling your diamond jewelry in the future.

Can I use the USAJewels appraisal report to insure my jewelry?

Yes. GIA is the leading gem inspection and education company in the world. There are offices in over 11 different countries and they are universally acclaimed as the most accurate report in the world. Any insurance company would be happy to accept this report as it makes the job a lot easier on them.


Other Questions (3)

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

How long does the diamond upgrade policy apply?

Check out our diamond upgrade policy for complete instructions.

How long does is take for USAJewels to process a return?

If you decide for any reason to return your purchase (within thirty days after receiving your purchase) a return generally takes five to seven business days once we receive the item in the mail. If a gem certification was purchased with your order than it must be returned with the item. If the certification is lost or misplaced, there will be a $250 replacement fee when returned.