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Rings Buyers Guide

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is a symbol of the beginning to the rest of a couple's lives. It will probably be the most valued and treasured piece of jewelry for both partners for a variety of reasons. Purchasing this ring has transformed from an impulsive decision to a very calculative and research filled one. At USA Jewels we strive to provide you with the best tips towards making the best choice and make the process a little less daunting than it seems.

Throughout history the engagement ring has been made of two parts. The first is a gold or platinum setting of choice and a beautiful solitaire diamond. Generally the diamond size is around 1 carat total weight. It is a size that stress every part of the beauty of the diamond and the reason for the occasion. One of the more important factors when deciding the purchase is the budget, so this size can be debatable.

Recently, many people are looking into something a little more design orientated and fancy while caring less for the size of the stone. Many couples are now choosing engagement rings that can match their day to day style. There are three main engagement ring designs-three stone engagement rings, engagement rings with side stones, and vintage engagement rings-which can be customized to create the perfect ring. First you may choose a setting type that fits your ring style and consider your budget while deciding on diamond size and quality. Below we go through all the basics you need to know before making the decision for the big day!

What's the total financial damage I should make to my bank account?

Traditionally couples used to save months and months of salary to be able to afford a good quality engagement ring but in today's reality there is no definite amount to spend. That decision is something you must consider multiple options before coming to a conclusion. Does your lifestyle allow you to invest in something that costs $5000-$6000 or $2000? Here at USA Jewels we offer engagement rings that cater to every budget and design. We will help you look for the highest quality ring that includes diamond and setting type that match these preferences. For more information please email us at

The Right Setting

USA Jewels offers a variety of different ring settings to choose from when purchasing an engagement ring. Every setting has its own unique design and properties that make it special for the user.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The true definition of a jewelry classic. It places the utmost importance on the diamond and offers a simple a prong setting with a gold or platinum setting. There are wide array of stone shapes for the diamond which include round, princess, emerald, marquise, cushion, heart, pear and oval.

As the name implies, the three stone ring boasts three diamonds or gemstones of choice that are set in a continuous row located on the ring's head. Traditionally the center stone is the largest and the other two side stones are the same size but smaller. Although there are designs which feature the exact opposite. The current trend is a cluster of smaller diamonds that make up three individual stones. Three stone rings are also great anniversary rings because they symbolize the couple's past, present and future.

Engagement Rings with Side Stones

The current market trend that is booming. Engagement rings with side stones and surrounding stones are a modern hit and have the largest variety to its design. It is known as the most customizable and creative design to play around with. Again as the name implies, the design has a center stone and diamonds either to side of the center or around it. The center stone is secured by prongs and there are generally more diamonds on the band itself. The most popular and in demand design currently is the Halo. A gorgeous design with center diamond and smaller accent diamond that encircle the center stone accentuating the look. The ring shaft is also covered with smaller diamonds and is usually built using a split shank. An engagement ring with side stones is known as the modern way to be your own jeweler.

Ring Styles

Below are the many different choices of ring styles available to you on our website and throughout the jewelry industry. Styles go in and out of fashion as do many things so it's important that you understand all of your options and make the best selection!

Ring Styles
Shank Styles
Shank Ring Styles
Anatomy of a Ring
Anatomy of a Ring
Ring Profiles
Ring Profiles
Outside Profiles
Outside Profile Rings
Inside Profiles
Inside Profile Rings
Shadow Band/Notched Band

A shadow band is masterfully crafted to shadow the engagement ring. The band is customized to perfectly accent the engagement ring so that no gap can be seen.

Shadow Band
Straight Band
Straight Band
The Center Diamond

This is possibly the most difficult step which we make easier for you. So you've chosen your ring design and now you need diamond to place within the setting. The first thing you should is consider the 4 c's of a diamond. These pages can be found here. Each of these four characteristics will dramatically change the value of your diamond and it is important to prioritize which c means the most to you. The 4 c's are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Your budget might be the first thing you may consider when considering the 4 c's but don't let it be your only factor. Think about the right combination of color and clarity when choosing size. You don't want one stone overpowering the other or for the look to not be symmetric. Remember this is your engagement ring forever and although you will purchase many jewelry pieces after this, there is only ONE engagement! Let's go over the steps.

Selecting a Center Diamond

Follow these steps to create the perfect engagement ring.

  • Create a Budget

    Create a budget for yourself and your partner by considering both of your lifestyles and what would be most plausible. Research all aspects to the cost of your perfect engagement ring.

  • Pick a Ring Setting

    Browse through the different designs and settings available to you. Would you like a modern look or more traditional?

  • Pick a Center Stone

    Select a center diamond that matches all your previous criteria. Consider many factors such as budget, look and occasion.

  • Have Fun !!

    Have fun through this process and congratulations for your big day!

Selecting a Center Diamond

Follow these steps to create the perfect engagement ring.

Ok.. I still Need Help !!

At USA Jewels we don't only want to be the company that sells you your engagement ring, we want to be a part of your entire celebration and share with you in your happiness. If you have a wedding day story we would love for you to share it with us at Please send us photos, comments or any other feedback received at your wedding. If you have any special requests on your wedding day, we would love to accommodate them in any way possible.