Bracelets Buyers Guide

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An incredibly important supplemental piece of jewelry that has a wide variety of looks. The diamond tennis bracelet is the most classic and popular design of bracelet in the industry. It's a piece that every woman should own. Below we explore the many tips on choosing a bracelet, the variations to bracelets, choosing the right diamonds and measuring the right length for your bracelet.

There are many variations of bracelet styles, including line/tennis, bangle, charm, link, and cuff. When purchasing a bracelet, you must consider lifestyle as your wrist comes in contact with many things and to avoid damage on your bracelet. If you need an everyday bracelet make sure it is durable enough to handle the day to day routine.

Bracelet Styles

Charm Bracelet
Slide Bracelet
Tennis Bracelet
Cuff Bracelet
Bangle Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

The most classic and traditional bracelet in the jewelry industry. It is a highly versatile piece and can be worn in many different occasions. The setting can be a three-four pronged setting to a bezel setting to a channel setting. It can range from every day to more formal wear.

Designer Diamond Bracelet

Designer diamond bracelets take it to next level with a much more fancier design. Its intention to impose a look of distinction and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. There often an extra element to the design such as a two tone look which is a mix of yellow and white gold. It give individuals an opportunity to own a one of a kind piece.

Red Carpet Bracelet

Have a special occasion lined up sometime in the future? Want to be the center of attention at any event? The red carpet diamond bracelet collection includes the most extravagant and fancy designs. Each of these dynamic bracelets is carefully created in eye popping designs. If you need something that will stand out accessorizing with one these master pieces will do the job.

Vintage Bracelet

The best selection for those customers looking for vintage jewelry. An antique look with timeless classic designs which uses the highest quality material with rare styles. Many bracelets in this category feature complex details that draw your attention or special edging details such as mill grain or filigree surrounding gorgeous diamonds

Gemstone Bracelet

At USA Jewels all our bracelet designs such as the classic, vintage and red carpet offer the options of adding alternating gemstones to the setting. Choose the setting and then you choice of semiprecious or precious stones. Gemstones create a much more versatile and spectacular look using its penetrating colors and different shine. USA Jewels offers the largest collection of gemstones in all shapes and sizes. Click here for more information about gemstones.

Men's Bracelet

Bangle bracelets are another classic jewelry piece worn by people for many years. In today's world the bangle has been renovated for a more modern look. A bangle also has tremendous versatility because it can be worn on any occasion. Bangles are usually a set size of seven inches in length. The bangle bracelet length is not adjustable. USA Jewels offers a wide selection of bangle bracelets that include classic designs with three, five and seven diamond designs and more elaborate styles that feature more diamonds and intriguing settings.

  • Bangle Bracelets vs. Tennis Bracelets
  • Choosing a Bracelet setting type (Prong, Channel, Bezel, Half-Bezel).
  • Choosing the best diamonds for my bracelet.
  • What length bracelet should I get?
There are several differences between bangle bracelets and tennis bracelets. One of the obvious differences is the fact that a tennis bracelet is flexible and a bangle is not. Links can be removed or added for a bracelet for a bangle is a one fit unless specifically told. The difference between tennis bracelets and bangle bracelets is that tennis bracelets are flexible in design so they can be made in a variety of lengths, simply by adding or removing links. A bangle bracelet has a set length of seven inches usually. Both pieces use gold and platinum settings and can feature diamonds or gemstones.
The bracelet setting is the overall structure of the piece and the most important part of it. It holds all the stones in place. There are several different varieties of settings. The most frequent are the prong, channel, bezel and half bezel. Every setting is highly secure and there is no higher preference for the other. The prong setting is the most purchased and created. It is highly popular for diamonds and gemstones. The prong setting is when smaller metal prongs hold onto the girdle of the stone. The channel setting is a setting where a uniform set of stones are held by the metal which covers a part of its sides. The bezel setting is when the diamonds are completely covered by the metal. A semi-Bezel setting or Half Bezel setting is when the diamond is only partially surrounded by the metal setting.
One of the most important decisions when purchasing your bracelet if diamonds or any gemstone is your preference, is selecting the right stones. There are a couple factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the diamonds. One of the factors is the total diamond carat size for the bracelet you are buying. That ties hand in hand with your budget. In terms of diamond size, generally the bigger the stone the more you can see the inclusions and imperfections unless you spend the extra money to get the higher quality. This is why we recommend going for the smaller diamonds but much better quality. You will see a much better sparkle that way and you will be extremely satisfied. Decide on a budget for your bracelet and use the product configuration to create the perfect diamond bracelet within your budgetary limits.
Bracelets are often available in different lengths and it is very important to make sure you are happy with the size. One thing we recommend is measure another bracelet to figure out your size. The rule of thumb is to order a half an inch longer than your actual wrist. This will your wrist the most comfortable fit and it won't fall down from your arm or be too tight. Do not include the clasp or the tongue portion when measuring another bracelet to see your size. The standard women's length is 7 inches and the standard men's size is 8. Bangles are usually 7 inches in standard length.