Pendant Collections

Diamond & gemstone pendants make a great gift for almost any occasion.
From 14K gold or 18K gold and even platinum our pendant collection has it all.
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Circle of Life Pendants

A circle has no beginning or ending so why should its beauty have either? A classical design meant to represent our most beautiful journey.

Slide Pendants

Enhance your wider necklaces with the perfect attachment that compliments its display. A pendant with a big enough bail to slide through its parameters.

Solitaire Pendants

Solid diamonds often speak the loudest and portray its own elegance at its peak abilities. Combine that with a fantastic neckwear design and you have a masterpiece.

Designer Pendants

"Aesthically pleasing at every corner, these pendants allow the user complete creative freedom and grace. "

Fashion Pendants

Enter celebrity status with exact influential pieces that serenade the neck with limitless beauty and stardom.

3 Stone Pendants

"Past, present and future articulated through one of the most recognizable neck pieces in the industry. "

Halo Pendants

The hottest design in the jewelry world today with an added twist to your neck.

Journey Pendants

Take the journey of a lifetime and plant it on your neck in the most gorgeous way possible.

Heart Pendants

A representation of the most special ones in your life that you can always keep close to your heart.

Ruby Pendants

Choose from a vast variety of neckwear set with the king of all gemstones

Emerald Pendants

Neckwear which displays the rarest and most popular green stone on the market.

Sapphire Pendants

"Perhaps known as the most beloved gemstone in the jewelry industry, crafted with your neck pieces. "

Tanzanite Pendants

Enhance the look of your neckwear with the most widely coveted stone in the industry today. A perfect combination of violet with a beautiful sapphire blue.

14K Gold Pendants

Showcase the wonders of gold and its extended range of detail through our large line of neckwear.

Sterling Silver Hopi Pendants

Add a bit of a native american twist to your neck jewelry.

Sterling Silver Medals

Celebrate an achievement with these handsome works of the art.