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Bangle Bracelets

Tri Color Gold Bangle Bracelet 2.16 Carat Total Weight

Gem Quality:
Human imagination is used at full force when designing this bangle. A tricolor gold bangle set with diamonds set in leaves used as the decorative feature on the gold. Each rose, yellow and white gold bangle has nearly 3/4 carats of total diamond weight and 2 carats overall for the set. Diamonds should grow on leaves more often.
About this Item
Attributes Description
Bracelet model#BADW-B672
Bracelet StyleShared Prong
Metal14K tri-color gold
Bracelet weight25.2 grams
About Specifications

The tables listed below describe the gem characteristics used in the selected piece of jewelry. To find information about each individual stone please click on the Stone Map Tab above if available.

Diamond Information
Stone Cut# of StonesClarityColorQuality of CutQuality of PolishTotal Carat Weight
Round Brilliant72SI (SI1 or SI2)I,JGood cutGood polish2.16 Carats
About the Stone Map

The stone map provides detailed information of stone type(s), cut(s), quantities and sizes set in the piece of jewelry.

Comes Set With
QuantityStone (size/cut/type)Stone Location
240.03 carat Round Brilliant White DiamondsBangle 1
240.03 carat Round Brilliant White DiamondsBangle 2
240.03 carat Round Brilliant White DiamondsBangle 3
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